Corporate Social Responsibility

We chartered new territories by identifying needs and providing just the right kind of service when required through our Corporate Social Responsibility Trust.

1. Vinmeenkal
Does your business / event have excess food?
Just package the food and call us,
Alternatively, you can leave a email to [email protected] with the type and amount of food and the name and address of your business along with a contact number.

How It Works

phone-icon1.Call Us

Call 0778480603 for a pickup of excess food serving minimum of 10 people. For less than 10 please drop it at our collection points/local facility centre.


shopping-basket-accept-icon2. Quality Check

Once our staffs/volunteers reach the pickup point, food quality will be checked and transferred into dedicated vessels.


maps-icon3. Locate Nearby Hunger Spot

The food recovery vehicle reaches the hunger spots such as nearby to the pickup point for food distribution.


truck-icon4. Deliver Food

The food is then distributed to the needy and hungry in the hunger spot.



We serve an average of 100 people everyday in each city.

Food From Your Home
If you have food to donate from your home, you can contact Food Runners and we will tell you where you can take the food in your neighborhood.

Our Food Donors Include:
Wholesalers, retail groceries, restaurants, hotels, takeout stores, bakeries, wedding halls and special event planners